Li Ju


I am a dedicated metal head. I am particularly into

  • black metal of various sub / fusion genres (orthodox black metal, raw black metal, blackened death metal, Ross Bay Cult, Les Légions Noires, you name it. )
  • visual kei (Dir En Grey, the GazettE, Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois, ナイトメア, etc)

Here are my digital collections.

Video Games

I am very into videos games produced by 宮崎英高, especially Dark Souls and Dark Souls III. I enjoy defeating bosses with basic attacks and dodge rolls after dozens of attempts.

League of Legends is another video game I spent a significant amount of time on (Platium I in Season 5 and 6). BUT, it is only fun when playing with friends.

Other video games I like include Monster Hunter: World, Monster Hunter: Iceborne, World of Warcraft, It Takes Two, etc.